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Angie's Own

Creative Jewelry Design


I create a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Please contact me for more information on products, current promotions and custom options. All custom orders considered.

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Adjustable 18" to 22" double black suede cord with large lobster claw clasp. Black and glass drops of rhinestones and chains. Accented with silver tone bead caps and beads.


Adjustable 18" to 22" glass pearl and silver tone bell spacers with a large spring ring clasp. Marble wire wrapped heart pendant. Marble is generally said to have a cleansing effect, beneficial for one's blood and skin.

Forever in my heart-SOLD

Blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. 18" beaded and wire wrapped chain with a hoop toggle clasp. Glass pendant measures 1 1/4" x 1 3/4".

Blue Sky -SOLD

Crocheted non tarnish silver toned wire (3 strands) braided together with light blue, light green and clear glass beads. 39" ( length can be adjusted if requested) in length with large toggle clasp. Picture shown wrapped around twice.

Glitter -SOLD

28" leather necklace has a 1 1/2" dia. ceramic bead wrapped in non tarnish silver tone wire, with a light blue and clear glass tear droplet. The blue & glass beads truly accent the natural earthy tones of the ceramic bead...which makes this piece a real eye catcher.

Teardrop -SOLD

Everyone will be green with envy when they see you wearing this one of a kind beaded necklace. It is crafted using ceramic and glass beads and silver tone accents. The necklace is 22" long which can be adjusted to 25" and has a large hook clasp.


This is a one of a kind 3 stand braided crochet wire necklace. Each strand has individual glass pearls crocheted into the wire. The pearls are white, off white, dark grey, pink and gold. The strands of wire are non tarnish silver tone(1 strand) and black(2 strands). This is elegance at it's best.

Pure Elegance-SOLD

This 29" beaded necklace w/ large lobster claw clasp was designed using earthy tones...which translate into tranquility....It's a piece which says "WOW' you will definitly stand out when you step out wearing this original design.


A simple beaded necklace can dress up any outfit and this is takes "simple" to the extreme. Crafted using clear brown and black beads with diamond shaped biege bead and silver toned accents. 21-26"s in length with a large hook clasp. One of my favorite pieces, I know it would be your as well.....

Simplicity -Sold

This is just a fun design to wear. It's a 1 1/2"x 2" green ceramic pendant with free flowing swirly hammered wire designs. It is 17 1/2" long on a leather cord with a heart shaped hoop & toggle clasp. (Length can be adjusted if requested)

Free Spirit -SOLD

This beautiful Triangle stone is wrapped in non tarnish silver tone wire, highlighted with a glass bead. 21" black leather cord w/ hook clasp (length can be altered if requested). Definitely a conversation starter.

Dimensions -SOLD

I just love this peice... It's only 18" long with a lobster claw clasp. Each component adds to this stunning design. Gold tone tarnish free...Absolutely one of my favorites..

Shameless -SOLD

What comes around goes around....This is a ceramic grey/green bead with a twisted hammered wire accent...the piece is 17 1/2" long with a leather cord and has a hoop & toggle silver tone clasp.

Kharma -SOLD

Ever get the feeling that you've been somewhere or have done something before.....well I quarantee you that you have never seen a piece quite like this one before....It's 25" long, on a leather cord with a unique wire design and a grey/green ceramic bead. Great piece to wear when you want to be noticed over & over again.....

Déjà Vu -SOLD

16'-19' adjustable Viking Weave, non tarnish silver tone with grey polished and shaped river stone & crystal pendant. Necklace can be worn with or without's like getting 2 necklaces for the low price of 1.....

Waterfall -SOLD

Wrapped clear sea glass with non tarnish silver tone wire on a 20" black cord and a lobster claw clasp. Makes you wish summer would never end, this piece will surely add a touch a summer to any season. White is a very common color of sea glass, and still remains beautiful in its elegant, frosty form.

Endless Summer-SOLD

Wrapped Blue marbled bead with non tarnish silver tone wire and with a 1/2 pearl accent. 17"-19" black twisted cord and a large lobster claw clasp. Swarovski crystal accent on end of cord.

Full Moon-SOLD

I just love wrapping wire around objects and sea glass is my favorite...This is a light green piece of sea glass which is wrapped in non tarnish silver tone wire on a 17' in chain which can be adjusted to be worn shorter if you desire. The piece is accented with a Swarovski crystal on end of chain. Olive green sea glass most often originated from wine or whiskey bottles made before the 1900's.

Summer Joy-SOLD

This is a light blue piece of sea glass which is wrapped in non tarnish silver tone wire on a 17' in chain which can be adjusted to be worn shorter if you desire. The piece is accented with a clear Swarovski crystal on end of chain.

Most aqua blue sea glass pieces usually orginate from vintage canning jars and seltzer bottles.


Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, it is associated with both nobility and spirituality. Non tarnish silver tone wire on a 22" in chain which can be adjusted to be worn shorter if you desire.


18"-21" twisted black cord with a lobster claw clasp, accented with a Swarovski crystal accent at end of chain. Green is life. Abundant in nature, green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment.


19" white stone wire wrapped with non tarnish silver tone wire. Accented with 2 metalic blue seed beads. White is synonymous with purity and faith, white is traditional and connote an industrious beginning.

Purity & Faith

The key and stone combination is worn for it's protective energies. 18" black leather cord with a large lobster claw clasp. The stone is wrapped in a non tarnisn silver tone wire. Take a risk...this will protect you....

Risk Taker-SOLD

16 1/2" to 19 1/2" adjustable length Silver tone snake chain with lobster claw clasp. Beads can be changed with your own by twisting charm at top of design. It is a very versitile piece, one I think you would just love to add to your jewelry box......


19" double black cord. Citrine brings happiness, joy and optimism into your life. One of only two minerals on the planet which do not hold or accumulate negative energy, but dispels and transforms it.Aids in matters of daily living. It is said citrine will open the mind to new thoughts. Often used by healers to increase self esteem.


21" double black cord. Clear Quartz works on all areas of the mind and body, awakening, amplifying and transmitting energy and clarifying thought processes. It is an excellent stone for meditation, directing energies with more intensity. Clear Quartz provides clarity in thinking and awareness. It is also a powerful healing stone for any condition.

Energizing -SOLD

16 1/2" Russian Spiral. Brown, gold, and clear crackled glass seed beads. Great length for any outfit. Large toggle clasp can be worn in front or at angle for a great look.


23" can be adjusted to become a bracelet. Wire work with flat10mm silver plated round beads. Lobster claw clasp and blue crystal accent.

Silver Moon

18" Glass wire wrapped teardrop shaped pendant. Chain is platnium with round spring clasp. simple and classy. Designed to remember that special someone who has left your life and you will remember always.

Remembrance- SOLD